"Bride Price VS Democracy"

A Film by Reza Rahimi


When 25-year-old Omid returned to Iran for the first time after 15 years to ask for Vida’s hand in marriage, he was unaware of what he really was getting himself in to. Back home in Sweden, after a few years of marriage, Vida decides to separate from the relationship and the couple followed different paths. The cause of their conflict could be summed of as follows, culture clash and pre-30 crisis.

The divorce proceedings was difficult and it involved not only the division of their property but also the issue of the agreed “bride price” which Omid opposed. The Swedish court ruled in favor of Vida and Omid was liable to pay 4.5 million SEK as the result. (Based on a true story).

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It's a low budget movie in collaboration with professional filmmakers and actors and the uniqueness of this project is that the movie was recorded only on 12 recording days!

The plot of the movie "Bride Price and democracy" is based on a true story and inspired by real disputes from the Swedish court.

The film highlights issues and problems concerning the concepts of democracy and equality, providing knowledge of another culture and shows the remaining problems of the so-called second generation. The film also points out the misinterpretations and problems that can arise when individuals encounter other cultures with insufficient experience and knowledge which can have unexpectable outcomes.

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Best Editing of a Foreign Language Film.

Production team:

Culture & Integration
"Scorpion Studio Media
Project Manager

Scorpion Studio Media is a multimedia production association, We have many years of experience in multicultural production worldwide

Studiefrämjandet* is one of the largest study associations for adult education in Sweden. We work mainly in the field of non-formal life-long learning. We have been part of the tradition of non-formal adult education – folkbildning – in Sweden since our foundation in 1959.

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International Film Festival

The idea of this film was registered at Iranian cinema house in Iran in 2013.

Screenplay processing continued until autumn 2014 and film recording began April 3th, 2015.

Recording days were completed in Sweden for 3 days in April, 3 days in May, 3 days in June and 2 days in September 2015 in Istanbul. (totally just 12 recording days!)

Throughout 2016, the project continued with editing, audio mix, music composition and color correction.

In March 2017 the film was presented on the red carpet for preview in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Malmö.

Until May 2018 "Bride Price VS Democracy" is nominated for four categories at the Nice International Film Festival in France.

Director & Producer: Reza Rahimi
F.A.D: Erik Lövoll
Screenplay: Reza Rahimi & Amir Abbas Payam
Cinematographer: Michael Petersen
B foto: Henrik Johansson, Fredrik Sellegren, Alex Kristoffersson
A Light: Mikael Linell
Sound: Anders Kwarnmark,  Markus Johansson, Eric Guslen
Sound design: Henrik Ohlin
Music: Reza Rahimi, N. Nurmohamadi, Sebastian Freij
Color Correction: Ted Karlsson 
Edit: Reza Rahimi
Production Assistant: Nazdaneh Rohani & Jina Nima, Make-up team: Maryam Ghazaliyan, Lobat Jafari, Sara Babaki, Johanna Lindqvist, assistant: Jeannette Alvarado, 
Scenography: Adele Cheraghi, Logistic assistant: Hamid Ziba, Light assistant: Johan Ingman


The film is ready for world premiere & release date coming soon!

9th Maj 2018 Nice International Film Festival

17th August 2018 Amsterdam International Film Festival

26th August 2018 Gothenburg Fringe Festival 

15th August 2018 Stockholm Fringe Festival

5-14 oktober 2018 Västrås Filmfestival

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