Culture & Integration started in 2002 in Gothenburg / Sweden with selected by Reza Rahimi.

Reza Rahimi's biography:

- Independent filmmaker, Director, Producer, Compositor

- Cultural and artistic activist

Reza Rahimi was born on January 18, 1980 in Mashhad, Iran.  At The age of seven, he began his education in theory of music, reading music,  and playing piano with maestro Aghapoor and continued his music education with maestro Arami..

While attending primary and middle school, he was also active in cultural groups, art groups, music groups, choirs, as well as being active in Mashhad Educational Affairs.

Reza Rahimi has participated in various music competitions, including provincial and national,  and has received music awards and recognitions from cultural societies.

He migrated to Sweden with his family at the age of fifteen where he became familiar with pop music.

He continued his education at the University of Gothenburg in beginning of 2002 where he studied “Multimedia Management” while establishing a local Persian radio show called Tanin Bamdadi.

He started producing films and music videos in 2003 and entered the film industry.

He finished his studies in end of 2004. He was also active in artistic and cultural activities as well as numerous employments such as business management in various business companies.

He established several radio and television studios. Currently he is chairman of the board for several radio and television associations in Sweden.

He continued his field of activities in such domains as composing, arranging music, professional audio/video recording, directing and producing.  He expanded his technique and developed his know-how in the field of  multimedia.

He has created monumental art works through directing and producing past productions with the collaboration of famous and well–known artists & International TV channels.

He is managing multicultural organizations at Studiefrämjandet in Gothenburg, Sweden since the second half of 2009. He is also managing twenty other city in the vicinity of Gothenburg/Västra Götaland state..

He supports cultural groups and associations in Studiefrämjandet and over the years, he has assisted more than a thousand plays, concerts, cultural conferences, and educational programs.

In 2010, he began writing his first feature film script in collaboration with the great masters of the Iranian and the European cinema.

In 2015, he started to produce and direct his film, titled “Bride Price VS Democracy”.

In 2018, the film received many national and international awards and was nominated in many categories around the world. "Bride Price VS Democracy" won the Best Nordic Feature Film, Best Directing, Best Lead actress, Best lead actor, Best script and Best editing in Nice, Amsterdam and Sweden Film festivals.

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